Istanbul (Turkey): view from the Galata Tower across the Golden Horn.
Sylt (Germany)
Córdoba (Spain): view of the Roman bridge across the river Guadalquivir.
Sylt (Germany)
Castle of Alaró (Mallorca, Spain)
Old bridge across the Guadalqivir river near Italica (Spain)
Sylt (Germany)
Roman amphitheatre in Italica near Sevilla (Spain)
Great Mezquita of Cordoba (Spain)

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Lobbying for the Landscape and the Landscape Convention

In Florence (November 2008) we agreed to lobby for the landscape and the Landscape Convention on different levels. Most important for us as an umbrella organization of course are the national and European level. That can not only be done by CIVILSCAPE and its board but is a work for all members. CIVILSCAPE could e.g. be represented by a number of international events, like the conference on Heritage Care through Active Citizenship in Mechelen (Belgium) or at a conference of landscape observatories in Ascoli (Italy), both in March 2009 by the Secretary General. On national level in Germany CIVILSCAPE was introduced at a number of events, like a workshop for cultural landscapes in December 2008, a conference of the German Forum for Cultural Landscapes in December 2008 and at the board meeting of the German Forum in March 2009. There will be a hearing with German members of the EU Parliament in April 2009 and a hearing with members of the German Parliament is planned for after the time after the elections in September in Germany. Especially the hearing with German members of the EU Parliament on the impact assessment for EU legislation and matters of the cultural heritage might proof interesting, as it shall lead to an official hearing at the EU Parliament after the EU elections this year. If this will be successful CIVILSCAPE will play an important role in promoting the interests of landscape at this hearing.

The next big event for landscape will be the conference on the implementation of the European Landscape Convention on local and regional level, held in Nove Hrady (Czech Rebulic) from May 26-31 2009. CIVILSCAPE will be well represented at this conference by its President, Secretary General as well as many member organizations. This will be a good chance for an informal meeting for CIVLSCAPE as well.

CIVILSCAPE - Lobbying for the Landscape and the Landscape Convention