Istanbul (Turkey): view from the Galata Tower across the Golden Horn.
Sylt (Germany)
Córdoba (Spain): view of the Roman bridge across the river Guadalquivir.
Sylt (Germany)
Castle of Alaró (Mallorca, Spain)
Old bridge across the Guadalqivir river near Italica (Spain)
Sylt (Germany)
Roman amphitheatre in Italica near Sevilla (Spain)
Great Mezquita of Cordoba (Spain)

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  • 05.09.2017

    The implementation of the European Landscape Convention at local level: the local democracy

    19th Council of Europe Meeting of the Workshops for the implementation of the European Landscape Convention “The implementation of the European Landscape Convention at local level: the local democracy” is organised by the Council of Europe – Directorate of Democratic Governance, Secretariat of the European Landscape Convention – in co-operation with the Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of Regional Development of the Czech Republic, within the context of the Work Programme of the European Landscape Convention of the Council of Europe. Keep the date - further information will follow! | Learn more...

  • 16.05.2017

    Marinescape Forum Poole 2017

    After presenting HERICOAST during the Maritime Days in Turku 2016, CIVILSCAPE will organise two Marinescape Forum events during the European Maritime Days 2017 and 2018. The next one will be the Marinescape Forum Poole on 16-17 May 2017. Please let us know, if you would like to attend or follow.
    Keep the date - further information will follow soon. | Learn more...

  • 26.03.2017

    General Assembly 2017

    The 2nd General Assembly 2016 in Berlin has decided that the CIVILSCAPE General Assembly will be held in Sevilla between 10:00 - 12:00 CET on 26 March 2017. | Learn more...

  • 23.03.2017

    9th Council of Europe Conference on the European Landscape Convention

    Conference organised under the auspices of the Cypriot Chairmanship of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe. The aim of the Conference is to present to all member and observer States of the Council of Europe, and to international governmental and non-governmental institutions and organisations, the progress made in the implementation of the Convention, and practical questions related to its implementation. | Learn more...

  • 22.03.2017

    Smart and sustainable cities

    The Conference faces the challenge of inspiring the transition of urban areas towards both smarter and more sustainable places to live. It covers: the issues related to climate change and energy efficiency, the changes introduced by cities’ digitalization and the integration of information technology in infrastructures, mobility, and social interactions.
    The second edition of the international conference on “Smart and Sustainable Planning for Cities and Regions” – SSPCR 2017. The SSPCR 2017 will take place in Bolzano (Italy) on March 22-24, 2017. | Learn more...

  • 09.02.2017

    International Conference on Landscape Observatories

    "Landscape observatories, centres and institutes" (LO) are one of the recommended instruments for the implementation of the European Landscape Convention (ELC). It is time to review the numerous initiatives and projects in this field. Sharing experiences will inspire up-coming projects like the emerging idea of a Dutch Landscape Observatory. The International Conference on Landscape Observatories is an initiative of LANDSCHAPSOBSERVATORIUM.NL in cooperation with UNISCAPE and CIVILSCAPE. | Learn more...

  • 08.12.2016

    Intangible Cultural Heritage and Landscape

    The two-day conference is about intangible aspects of landscapes: traditional knowledge about origin, maintenance and development of landscapes, oral history, customs and festivals applied to landscape. The topic of intangible cultural heritage comprises cultural forms of expression, based essentially on human skills, which are passing from generation to generation, being created and changed constantly. Oral traditions like custums or festivals, the culture of storytelling and craftsmanship are forming part as well as knowledge about nature and the universe. | Learn more...

  • 03.12.2016

    CIVILSCAPE Task Force on Health and Landscape

    The first meeting of the Task Force on Health and Landscape (TF on He&La) is scheduled on Saturday 3 December 2016 in Berlin. CIVILSCAPE calls for partnerships - experts, ideas, and cooperation - in sharing relevant expertise which could contribute to the development of the knowledge on relationship between health and landscape. As back to back meeting to CIVILSCAPE General Assembly 2016, the preparatory meeting of the task force took place on 10 October in Berlin. | Learn more...

  • 02.12.2016

    Landscape Forum Berlin

    The Landscape Forum Berlin is a conference that aims to increase dialogue between regional and national authorities, municipalities, businesses, non-profits, non governmental organisations, landowners and the public, dealing with landscapes. The Forum is focusing on the interaction between these different stakeholders. As the event is held in German, it is addressing to German-speaking people – especially from Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg and possibly also participants from other neighbour countries. | Learn more...

  • 11.10.2016

    Central European Landscape Forum

    | Learn more...

  • 10.10.2016

    2nd General Assembly 2016

    The General Assembly 2015 in Barcelona has decided to held the 2nd CIVILSCAPE General Assembly will be held in Germany. The General Assembly in Turin on 23 April has agreed that the 2nd General Assembly in 2016 will be held between 14:30 - 18:00 CET on 10 Ocotber 2016. | Learn more...

  • 05.10.2016

    National policies for the implementation of the European Landscape Convention: challenges and opportunities

    The 18th Council of Europe Meeting of the Workshops for the implementation of the European Landscape Convention on “National policies for the implementation of the European Landscape Convention: challenges and opportunities” is being organised in Yerevan, Amenia, on 5-6 October 2016, by the Council of Europe – Directorate of Democratic Governance, Secretariat of the European Landscape Convention – in co-operation with the Ministry of Urban Development of Armenia, within the context of the Work Programme of the European Landscape Convention of the Council of Europe. | Learn more...

  • 15.09.2016

    Habitat III: Co-producing sustainable cities?

    The Habitat III Conference accepts the Co-producing sustainable cities? conference, as an opportunity to reflect on the interrelation of city governments and civil society for sustainable urban development in the global South and North. Representatives from local politics and civils will discuss the right issues to housing and land policy, access to employment and income, waste management and mobility. | Learn more...

  • 03.07.2016

    ICOM 24th General Conference
    Museums and cultural landscapes

    The 24th ICOM General Conference will be here before we know it! For those of you joining us in Milan from 3 to 9 July 2016, you now have access to the online detailed programme in English, providing information on all sessions and meetings being organised by ICOM's International Committees, National Committees, Regional Alliances and Affiliated Organisations. Further information on speakers and moderators will be filled in over the coming weeks and months leading up to the General Conference. | Learn more...

  • 09.06.2016

    National Landscape Forum 2016

    This year Landscape Alliance Ireland is convening the forum in Cork, where it is being hosted by the UCC Centre for Planning Education & Research will explore how we as a society can in the best interests of the common good improve decision-making with regard to our shared landscape. It aims to find effective ways of converting the aspirations of the National Landscape Strategy into action where it matters: in the living place and space where natural processes and human activities interact to shape our place, our environment - our landscape. | Learn more...

  • 31.05.2016

    Unfolding Middle Eastern Landscapes

    The conference title, “Unfolding Middle Eastern Landscapes” alludes to the layered and complex idea of landscape as embracing physical, tangible space and intangible social and cultural values and perceptions. The conference bring together academics, professionals and researchers to dialogue ongoing transformations of the landscapes we inhabit, to expose different design, planning and management methodologies and approaches and to question shortcomings and obstacles to professional advancement in the region. | Learn more...

  • 25.05.2016

    New Horizons for Cultural Heritage

    Second policy seminar: Recalibrating relationships: bringing cultural heritage and people together in a changing Europe. | Learn more...

  • 19.05.2016

    Citizen Science – Innovation in Open Science, Society and Policy

    The ECSA Citizen Science Conference 2016 aims at policy makers, science funders, scientists, practitioners in the field of citizen science, Non-Governmental Organisations and interested citizens. This trans-disciplinary conference will highlight, demonstrate and debate the innovation potential of citizen science for science, society and policy and its role within open science and innovation. | Learn more...

  • 18.05.2016

    Investing in competitive blue growth - smart and sustainable solutions

    The conference will provide a strong input to shape future policies and the practical steps needed to drive transformational change in the blue economy and the wider integrated maritime policy agenda. It will focus on smart and sustainable solutions for blue growth, ocean governance, clean energy and skills development and it will look at tools such as strategic cluster partnerships and common roadmaps to facilitate joint action. Throughout, there will be a particular focus on specific regional challenges and opportunities. | Learn more...

  • 23.04.2016

    1st General Assembly 2016

    The General Assembly 2015 in Barcelona has decided to held the next CIVILSCAPE General Assembly will be held in Turino between 9:00 - 13:00 CET on 23 April 2016. | Learn more...

  • 20.04.2016

    Tasting the Landscape

    The 53° IFLA World Congress will be held in Turin, Italy, from 20 to 22 April 2016, organized by the Italian Association of Landscape Architecture (AIAPP) which is a founding member of CIVILSCAPE. | Learn more...

  • 10.03.2016

    CIVILSCAPE Task Force
    Local Heritage in Europe

    On 10-12 March 2016 the Bund Heimat und Umwelt (BHU, Germany) will host the 2nd taskforce meeting „Local heritage in Europe“ focussing –among other topics – on the European Cultural Heritage Year 2018 (ECHY 2018). The network of local heritage associations in Europe are coming together in Bonn to discuss collaborations, projects and exchange ideas. | Learn more...

  • 25.01.2016

    Launch Conference of the EU Strategy for the Alpine Region (EUSALP)

    The event, organised by the European Commission and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia, will take place in Brdo Congress Centre in Slovenia. The Foreign Ministers of the Countries involved and the Presidents of the Regions of the Alpine area as well as European Commissioners for Regional Policy and Transport are invited. The programme includes plenary sessions and workshops devoted to the four Policy areas of the Strategy including Governance. | Learn more...

  • 09.12.2015

    Citizens and local authorities, a common agenda for climate

    | Learn more...

  • 26.11.2015

    Landscape, economics and business

    The landscape is increasingly a cornerstone of local development and a prime economic resource, and not just for the sectors directly involved therein, such as the tourism and wine production industries. There are a plethora of innovative and entrepreneurial initiatives with the potential to generate employment, which draw their inspiration from the landscape. | Learn more...

  • 29.10.2015

    Lithuanian Landscape Architecture Forum 2015

    Lithuanian Association of Landscape Architects, LALA celebrates the 20th anniversary this year and organises 3rd Forum „Landscape Architecture – the profession’s horizons and a synergy“. Lithuanian Landscape Architecture Forum 2015 will take place on 29th October, 2015 in the Hall of the Ministry of Environment, A. Jaksto str. 4 (5th floor), Vilnius, Lithuania. | Learn more...

  • 16.10.2015

    Landscape Archetypes - Lessons for the Future

    Landscapes are social and cultural interpretations of nature. The combined works of both man and the natural environment, represent the living archive of humankind’s technological and social development in its strive to adapt itself to natural circumstances. | Learn more...

  • 11.10.2015

    Southwest Landscape Forum 2015

    From the 11th to the 13th of October, Porto is going to be the meeting point of the Southwest Europe to reflect about its Landscape | Learn more...

  • 29.09.2015

    General Assembly 2015

    The Board has decided on occasion of the their meeting on 28 April 2015 to postpone the General Assembly in Plsen on 17 May 2015. Instead the next General Assembly will be held in Barcelona between 10:00 - 14:00 CET on 29 September 2015. | Learn more...

  • 23.09.2015

    Facing Global Change through Landscape

    The fourth CHeriScape conference will look outwards towards the major environmental and social changes currently seen to be operating at global level, and at how spatial planning and sustainable and economic development strategies can interact with these through the lens of landscape. We will look at how far-reaching an impact these global changes have on both landscape and heritage, but also at how landscape as heritage offers ways to address those challenges. The conference will examine how demographic change, changing aspirations and identities, and lifestyle choices contribute to the global challenges, and therefore how (as the SPB on landscape, and both the Florence and Faro Conventions claim) they can offer answers to those challenges as well as calling for protection against them. The idea of landscape as heritage resonates with the need to give new life to cultural landscapes by finding them new functions and values, ideas central as well to the sustainability of heritage. Landscape as heritage becomes a solution. | Learn more...

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