Istanbul (Turkey): view from the Galata Tower across the Golden Horn.
Sylt (Germany)
Córdoba (Spain): view of the Roman bridge across the river Guadalquivir.
Sylt (Germany)
Castle of Alaró (Mallorca, Spain)
Old bridge across the Guadalqivir river near Italica (Spain)
Sylt (Germany)
Roman amphitheatre in Italica near Sevilla (Spain)
Great Mezquita of Cordoba (Spain)

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  • Wednesday, 19 Apr. 2017

    Presenting HERICOAST
    at CHAM International Conference

    Linde Egberts from HERICOAST project (VU University Amesterdam) will present the paper “Managing cultural heritage in peripheral coastal landscapes: interregional knowledge exchange” next 12 July in the III CHAM International Conference in Lisbon. The conference is organized under the theme “Oceans and shores: heritage, people and environment” and will be held at Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas, Universidade NOVA de Lisboa. | Learn more...

  • Tuesday, 4 Apr. 2017

    1st member in Finland!

    CIVILSCAPE Board welcomed Suomen luonnonsuojeluliiton new regular member from Finland. The Finnish Association for Nature Conservation (FANC) is the largest non-governmental organization for environmental protection and nature conservation in Finland. Promoting active citizenship and environmental awareness since 1938 are the main issues right from the beginning. | Learn more...

  • Friday, 24 Mar. 2017

    Cultural Heritage as a Strategic Territorial Development Resource

    Our member organisation ECTP-CEU informed us that the application for the ESPON targeted analysis, that ECTP-CEU has submitted was successfully assessed by the ESPON evaluation committee. | Learn more...

  • Friday, 24 Mar. 2017

    Selected funding opportunities

    Council of Europe Report on "Selected funding opportunities to support the Implementation of the European Landscape Convntion" was presented in Strasbourg today. The Council of Europe Conference on the European Landscape Conference take note of the updated report which has been present by Dirk Gotzmann during the morning session. | Learn more...

  • Friday, 24 Mar. 2017

    Estonia will finally sign European Landscape Conventon

    The represenatative of Estonia to the Council of Europe Landscape Conference announced that Estonia is ready to sign the European Landscape Convention. The Ministry of Environmet took the lead towards this stage and has involved relevant stageholders in a working group. The report of this workgroup has been published recently. According to the presentation, Estonia will sign the ELC before it will take over the EU-Presidency in summer 2017. | Learn more...

  • Thursday, 23 Mar. 2017

    From Local Heritage to the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018

    During their third meeting in Bozen, the Network of Local Heritage Organisations in Europe stresses the importance of the European Year of Cultural Heritage for the cohesion in Europe. It will use the upcoming heritage year as a kick-off for a decade of cultural heritage, which will emphasize the European cultural links during the next ten years. With projects and thematic focusses the local heritage organisations will carve out and communicate the importance of cultural heritage and cultural landscapes for the cohesion in Europe. The task is to illustrate cultural exchange as the formative feature of Europe and to understand the constant change of culture as a part of our heritage and the European dialogue. Culturl heritage is a prominent link in our society and strenghtens social cohesion and economic growth in Europe. | Learn more...

  • Wednesday, 8 Mar. 2017

    Northern Thinking?

    Northern Institute of Thinking (NIT) became the 124th member of CIVILSCAPE. The Executive Board has accepted the application for an affiliated membership by the consultant company from Varel. NIT joins the growing number of economic stakeholders that join our network. | Learn more...

  • Tuesday, 28 Feb. 2017

    CIVILSCAPE Newletter relaunched

    These days the Work group for the CIVILSCAPE newsletter is sending out the newsletter, reaching more than 3000 people, organisations, local and regional authorities, and economic stakeholders. Are you getting ready to finally share good news on the relationship between People and Landscape? | Learn more...

  • Monday, 27 Feb. 2017

    Board meeting in Eemlandhoeve.
    © Carla Gonçalves

    CIVILSCAPE Board Meeting

    CIVILSCAPE Board met for their annual face-to-face meeting close to Amersfoort (The Netherlands) to discuss the progress of the ongoing activities and to plan the present year. The Board meets since 2015 every year in spring for a face-to-face meeting for re-writing the political agenda and the action plan. | Learn more...

  • Saturday, 25 Feb. 2017

    Call for Task Force Landscape without Borders

    For the General Assembly in Sevilla we will invite for the 1st meeting of a third Task Force group "Landscapes without borders", which will focus on migration and landscape. Those who are interested in the Task Force groups are most welcome to participate. | Learn more...

  • Saturday, 11 Feb. 2017

    123rd member of CIVILSCAPE

    The CIVILSCAPE Board accepted the application for a membership by the new established Osservatorio del Paesaggio della Regione Toscana. Their President Prof Mauro Agnoletti was speaker during the recent International Conference on Landscape Observatories in Amersfoort. CIVILSCAPE Board members took time to get first hand information by Prof Mauro Agnoletti about the on-going process to etablish a new type of landscape observatory in Tuscany. | Learn more...

  • Friday, 3 Feb. 2017

    Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao
    © Dirk Gotzmann

    HERICOAST meeting in Bilbao

    Lead partner and advisory partners visited Lea-Artibai to have an extra chance to the experience and learning points of this partner region in the Basque Country. After the presentation during the Landscape Forum Berlin, CIVILSCAPE President and Director jointly visited Lea-Artibai. They returned after an intense week with new impressions and inspirations. | Learn more...

  • Friday, 27 Jan. 2017

    Around the table participants from 4 countries disccused about health and landscape.
    © Pavlina Misikova, CIVILSCAPE

    Task Force on Health and Landscape started to be operational

    CIVILSCAPE’s Task Force on Health and Landscape (TF-HEALTH) met for the first time at the end of the year 2016 with participants from Belgium, Germany, Slovakia, and Spain. | Learn more...

  • Friday, 13 Jan. 2017

    Opening of the International Conference on Landscape Observatories
    © Dirk Gotzmann, CIVILSCAPE

    International conference on landscape observatories

    More than 100 representatives from 15 countries participated on the conference on landscape observatories which took place on 9 and 10 February in Amersfoort, The Netherlands. It was the first time that such a conference, organized by our member LandschappenNL, CIVILSCAPE, UNISCAPE and others, took place in The Netherlands. The opening sessions came from Susan Lammers of the National Heritage Agency, Roel Feringa of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Jan Jacob van Dijk representing the Dutch provinces and Maguelonne Dejeant-Pons Executive Secretary of the European Landscape Convention, Council of Europe. Berno Strootman, national advisor on landscape, underlined the need for consistent monitoring of the landscape. | Learn more...

  • Tuesday, 10 Jan. 2017

    CAP – Out of the box thinking

    The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) accounts for nearly 40% of the total EU budget and is a crucial support mechanism for agriculture and the rural environment in Europe. It is an important tool that if designed and managed effectively can have a real impact on how European agriculture addresses climate change (both through reduced blockquoteissions and adaptation), manages land and the countryside to optimise provision of food, energy, biomaterial and ecosystblockquote services and supports the economic development of rural areas. | Learn more...

  • Wednesday, 14 Dec. 2016

    Urban park in Aschaffenburg that was transformed over the time from a hunting park to a public park.
    © Inge Gotzmann, BHU

    SMART-U-GREEN project approved

    In September 2016 a project consortium including CIVILSCAPE submitted a full proposal to the ERA-NET Cofund Smart Urban Futures (ENSUF) Joint Call for Proposals. The ERA-NET Steering Committee of the initiative took a final decision on this application on November 24, 2016. Today the Call Secretariat ERA-NET Cofund Smart Urban Futures informed the consortium that the ERA-NET Cofund Smart Urban Futures has decided to award a grant for the proposed research project. | Learn more...

  • Sunday, 2 Oct. 2016

    CIVILSCAPE Task Force on "Health and Landscape"

    CIVILSCAPE calls for partnerships - experts, ideas, and cooperation - in sharing relevant expertise which could contribute to the development of the knowledge on relationship between health and landscape. As back to back meeting to CIVILSCAPE General Assembly 2016, the preparatory meeting of the task force will take a place on 10 October in Berlin. The first meeting of the Task Force on Health and Landscape (TF He&La) is scheduled on Sat 3 December 2016 in Berlin (DE). | Learn more...

  • Tuesday, 3 May 2016

    From the Council of Europe – iNGO Conference

    CIVILSCAPE has a special dedication to the European Landscape Convention of the Council of Europe. CIVILSCAPE has the status of a participating international Non-Governmental Organisation at the Council of Europe. As such CIVILSCAPE participate in Conferences and Workshops for the European Landscape Convention. But we also are part of the Conference of iNGOs, one of the four columns of the Council of Europe, representing the civil society sector. There we hold up the flag of landscape and lobby for the strengthening of civil participation in all aspects of landscape planning, management and protection. Gerhard Ermischer as our Vice-President is representing CIVILSCAPE since years in this important political arena of Europe. | Learn more...

  • Friday, 22 Apr. 2016

    IFLA-World-Congress in Turino

    The IFLA-World-Congress was held this year in Turino and CIVILSCAPE had decided to hold its annual Business Meeting the day after the congress. Turino of course is a great place to meet, well connected and fascinating for its urban landscape and the surrounding landscape including the complex of Sabaudian palaces, parks and gardens, a veritable cultural landscape shaped by the Savoy family, who rose from dukes of Savoy to kings of Italy. | Learn more...

  • Friday, 1 Apr. 2016

    HERICOAST project approved

    Today the lead partner from Vest­Agder fylkeskommune from Norway informed us that the joined Interreg project HERICOAST has been positively evaluated and approved. The project will be granted with 1,107 million EUR EU funds and 204,250 Norwegian funds. The total budget are 1,738 million EUR. Therefore the partners have to co-finance the project. The project duration will be 5 years starting from 1 April 2016. | Learn more...

  • Tuesday, 15 Mar. 2016

    Václav Havel Human Rights Prize 2016

    The Václav Havel Human Rights Prize is awarded annually by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, in partnership with the Václav Havel Library (Prague) and the Charta 77 Foundation (Prague) for outstanding civil society action in the defence of human rights in Europe and beyond. Consisting of a sum of 60 000€, a trophy and a diploma, this Prize is open for nomination of any individual, non-governmental organisation or institution working to defend human rights. | Learn more...

  • Friday, 11 Mar. 2016

    Dutch Landscape Observatory

    CIVILSCAPE member organisation LandschappenNL has taken the initiative to set up a Landscape Observatory in the Netherlands. Two important reasons underlie this initiative. The first is the very limited and steadily diminishing attention devoted to landscape in policy. The second is the relative lack of resources available for the protection and targeted development of landscape quality. | Learn more...

  • Tuesday, 1 Mar. 2016

    Local heritage in Europe

    On 10-12 March 2016 the Bund Heimat und Umwelt (BHU, Germany) will host the 2nd taskforce meeting „Local heritage in Europe“ focussing –among other topics – on the European Cultural Heritage Year 2018 (ECHY 2018). The network of local heritage associations in Europe are coming together in Bonn to discuss collaborations, projects and exchange ideas. | Learn more...

  • Tuesday, 2 Feb. 2016

    World Wetlands Day 2016

    The theme for World Wetlands Day 2016, which is celebrated every year on the 2nd February, is "Wetlands for our future – sustainable livelihoods". The intimate and timeless relationship between people –the way they live and the culture they create– and wetlands has been central to the work of CIVILSCAPE member organisation Mediterranean Institute for Nature and Anthropos (Med-INA) since its founding in 2003. | Learn more...

  • Thursday, 28 Jan. 2016

    EU Prize for Cultural Heritage / Europa Nostra Awards 2016

    Expeditio representative, Aleksandra Kapetanovic, is a jury mamber in the category 3 Dedicated service for the awards EU Prize for Cultural Heritage / Europa Nostra Awards. Jury meeting will be held in February in Brussels (Belgium). Information about the awards for this year will be published at the beginig of April. Expeditio is CIVILSCAPE member since 2010. | Learn more...

  • Sunday, 24 Jan. 2016

    New working group
    on Social Media

    The engines had started from the beginning of this year for the social media in CIVILSCAPE. An interdisciplinary working group formed by Carla Gonçalves, Claudia Misteli, Pere Sala i Martí, Dirk Gotzmann and Victor Serban have joined to compromise on this theme. | Learn more...

  • Saturday, 19 Dec. 2015

    MedScape final conference

    MedScapes is a project to identify and map the landscapes of the eastern Mediterranean, this two year project has conclude with the organization of the "International Conference on Landscapes of the Eastern Mediterranean: challenges, opportunities, prospects and accomplishments", held in Jordan on the 13 and 14 of December 2015. The conference highlighted on one hand the results and findings of the project, but has successfully triggered some wider discussions that clearly lead beyond the projects end to potential follow up activities. | Learn more...

  • Monday, 7 Dec. 2015

    Landscape, economics and business

    The international seminar: Landscape, economics and business, organized by the Landscape Observatory of Catalonia in Barcelona on the 25th and 26th of November 2015, brought together both conventional economy and alternative economic sectors. We have to realize that Landscape, if it is not trivialised or its identity has not been lost, has a great potential to attract business and entrepreneurial opportunities. The public and private cooperation offer of huge possibilities was emphasized. During the seminar, participants’ different experiences were shared and compared. | Learn more...

  • Wednesday, 25 Nov. 2015

    Sharing (Local) Heritage

    We - the network of local heritage associations in Europe - welcome the aim of the European Year of Cultural Heritage to share our common cultural heritage and its potential for identification, participation and development in the light of a heterogeneous European society and against the background of current political and economic challenges. The European Year of Cultural Heritage builds in particular upon the fact that our shared cultural heritage is always both local and European. The European Year highlights this dimension and uses it to respond to current challenges. It also builds on new opportunities to preserve and develop cultural heritage while underscoring the need to do so, because our cultural heritage is an essential, unique part of Europe’s social and economic potential which is closely tied to many other fields and is thus the foundation of our shared development in Europe. | Learn more...

  • Monday, 23 Nov. 2015

    1st European local heritage network started!

    On 20-22 November local heritage organisations from Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland and Sweden were meeting each other the first time in Bonn. The Bund Heimat und Umwelt – the German umbrella organisation of the local heritage and citizens associations – organised the network meeting, actively supported by CIVILSCAPE. Several sister organisations were following the invitation to meet in Bonn. Some others which were not able to attend have already express their will to join for a next meeting. Because of other obligations, sister organisations from Belgium, Finland and Switzerland were not able to attend this time, but a first contact has been established. | Learn more...

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