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February 2017


CIVILSCAPE newsletter relaunched!

Dear readers,

Are you getting ready to finally share good news on the relationship between People and Landscape?

Welcome to the first edition of Civilscape Newsletter! We believe there are a lot of exciting news to be spread out not only from Civilscape headquarter in Bonn, but also from all our 123 Civilscape members from all over Europe.

We would like to continue keeping you updated on a regular basis about latest good news concerning landscape and people. Our ambition is to share many vital inspirational ideas. This does not mean closing eyes to threats and their possible effects on communities and their landscape. But our conscious intention is to support each other by deliberately informing about good and successful experiences we all have achieved, as well as lessons learnt on protection, management and planning of landscapes. We do believe that more people are focusing at the positive side of the coin, more creative, and positive energy towards honoring the landscape in our society.

Let us know about your activities. Share this information platform with your colleagues and friends. If not like it, it's easy to unsubscribe via the footer in every email.

From the International Landscape Family,
Your CIVILSCAPE Newsletter Team


Happy birthday CIVILSCAPE!

Last week, exactly on 23 February, it was time to remember the foundation of our network on 23 February 2008 in Florence. Since then we have seen our network growing and taking its role in a changing Europe. The President used the occasion to look back on 2016, but also to outline what is lying ahead of us.


CIVILSCAPE General Assembly 2017

The 2nd General Assembly 2016 in Berlin has decided that the CIVILSCAPE General Assembly in 2017 will be held in Sevilla (ES) between 10:00 - 13:00 CET on 26 March 2017. A field trip to Aljarafe region and the kick off meeting of the Task Force on 'Landscape without Borders' is also scheduled on Saturday 25 March 2017. Please keep the dates!

Marinescape Forum Poole 2017

After presenting the HERICOAST project during the Maritime Days in Turku 2016, CIVILSCAPE agreed to organise two Marinescape Forum events during the European Maritime Days 2017 and 2018. The next one will be the Marinescape Forum Poole on 16-17 May 2017. Please let us know, if you would like to attend or follow.

International Conference on Landscape Observatories

Following our Landscape Observatories Strategy, the International Conference on Landscape Observatories in Amersfoort on 9-10 February 2017 was another step stone. More than 100 representatives from 15 countries participated on the conference on landscape observatories.

Selected funding opportunities for landscape projects

On 23-24 March 2017 CIVILSCAPE will be present with a delegation at the 9th Conference of the European Landscape Convention. CIVILSCAPE Director Dirk Gotzmann has prepared a Report 'Selected funding opportunities to support the implementation of the European Landscape Convention' [Document for action: CEP-CDCPP (2017) 11E] commissioned by the Council of Europe.



With SMART-U-GREEN we address the change management of urban landscapes. Urban landscapes witness major transformations that affect urban landscape quality as well as the quality of life. Transformations in urban landscapes come with intractable controversies, uncertainties and complexities, involving multiple actors, interests and rapidly changing advocacy coalitions. But they also stimulate the bottom-up emergence of alternative ideas, practices and networks that confront urban planning regimes with the challenge to adopt more organic, collaborative and transformative forms of governance.

HERICOAST meeting in Bilbao

Lead partner and advisory partners visited Lea-Artibai to have an extra chance to the experience and learning points of this partner region in the Basque Country. After the presentation during the Landscape Forum Berlin, CIVILSCAPE President and Director jointly visited Lea-Artibai. They returned after an intense week with new impressions and inspirations.


Task Force Health and Landscape started to be operational

Task Force on Health and Landscape (TF-HEALTH) has a unique chance to use the opportunity of thinking outside a box, while working on the relationship of People and Landscape from the perspective of Health and Wellbeing. As the auspice of CIVILSCAPE provides working conditions without any restrictions or orders, TF HeLa has an ambition to undertaken a daring journey of exploring the deep-down relationship between PEOPLE (inner-scape) and LANDSCAPE (outer-scape) presumably experiencing it as the unity.

Task Force Local Heritage in Europe

After a small meeting back-to-back with the Landscape Forum Berlin 2016, the Task Force on Local Heritage in Europe will meet 17-18 March 2017 in Bolzano, follwing the invitation of the Heimatpflegeverband Südtirol. The members will decide finally on their commitment to the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018.

Call for Task Force Landscapes without Borders

For the General Assembly in Sevilla we will invite for the first meeting of a third Task Force group "Landscapes without borders", which will focus on migration and landscape. Those who are interested in the Task Force groups are most welcome to participate.

Face-to-face Board Meeting

After the International Conference on Landscape Observatories, a CIVILSCAPE Board meeting has been held on 11 February 2017 close to Amersfoort, The Netherlands, where were discussed the progress and ongoing of CIVILSCAPE activities. The Board meets since 2015 every year during spring for a face-to-face meeting with the aim to re-write the political agenda and the action plan.


123rd member of CIVILSCAPE

The CIVILSCAPE Board accepted the application for a membership by the new established Osservatorio del Paesaggio della Regione Toscana. Their President Prof Mauro Agnoletti was speaker during the recent International Conference on Landscape Observatories in Amersfoort. CIVILSCAPE Board members took time to get first hand information by Prof Mauro Agnoletti about the on-going process to establish a new type of landscape observatory in Tuscany.


Next good news

We already start planning the next issue of our newsletter. We will write about the events in Sevilla and Strasbourg in March. We will give updates about the Task Force meetings in Bolzano and Milano (both IT) and Sevilla (ES). We will inform about the up-coming events like the Marinescape Forum Poole on 16-17 May 2017. There will be news about our projects and how you could get involved on them.

We are also interested to hear from you! If you have good ideas, then we are all ears!
Let us know and help us to publish the next CIVILSCAPE newsletter with your information and support:


CIVILSCAPE is the international network association of civil society organizations, local and regional authorities and economic entities, which dedicate their work to landscape protection, management and planning, according to the European Landscape Convention (Florence, October 20th 2000). The organisation has been founded 2008 by non-governmental organisation in Florence and was registered in the Netherlands.
CIVILSCAPE has opened the network for local and regional authorities and changed therefore the statutes in October 2016. CIVILSCAPE promotes the 'network' model of governance, using landscape observatories and inspired by the principles of cooperation promoted in the ELC as the best way to unite local, regional and national authorities, civil society, and economic entities in landscape management, planning and protection.

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